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Treadmill G6820A

ProAction Treadmill - G6820


BH ProAction Commercial Treadmill

G6820A - Commercial Treadmill - Blue backlight LCD monitor

Blue backlight LCD monitor 

3.5hp Continuous AC Motor , Max 5hp AC Motor
Speed range from 0.8 ~ 22 km/hr
Incline range from 0 ~ 15 %
Non-Lubricated running board
With unique non-lubricated system, LK 6820 treadmills are maintenance free and eliminate the need of lubrication.
11 different programs
Help the user find their best personal course and level of workout
6 pre-set PROGRAM profiles
Provide 10 level adjustments for each pre-set program
1 Manual program, 1 Goal program, 1 Heart Rate Control (HRC) program, 1 Racing program and 1 Custom program
Helps to control the fitness condition through controlled recovery
Oversized-frame-design treadmill supports loading up to 185kg / 408lbs
Cool Down function helps to prevent injury
Equipped with 10 Number keys from 0 to 9
XXL running deck and running belt
Equipped with powerful fan and MP3 compatibility
Contact pulse measurement system
POLAR Telemetric pulse control (optional)

Treadmill - G6820 - specification
3.5hp Continuous AC Motor
Max 5hp AC Motor
Power requirement
220 V
Speed range
0.8 ~ 22    km/hr
0.5 ~ 13.6 mph
Incline range
0 ~ 15 %
Running area
163 × 55 cm
  64 × 22 "
Belt type
3 mm commercial belt
Covex Technology
76 mm / 3" diameter roller
Cushion system
Pro-Tech cushion system
Unit Weight
182 Kg / 401 lbs
Display screen
Blue backlight LCD monitor
Data readout
Time, Speed, Incline, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Program
6 pre-set programs, Manual, Goal, Racing, HRC, Custom
Instant keys
Quick start, Speed, Incline, Cool Down, Program, HRC
Numeric keys
10 numeric keys (0 ~ 9)
Comfort in Use
Heart rate monitor
contact / telemetric(optional)
Powerful fans
MP3 compatibility
Bottle cage

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