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Sprint Bike 1 Indoor Bike

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Low noise chain-drive system
The low noise chain-drive system provides real road riding experience. The system creates less friction and better workout.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Integrated shift & brake knob
Users can regulate the knob to left or right to fine-tune the resistance levels.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Racing handlebar + elbow rest
It allows for 100% realistic replication of the triathiete training. With the elbow rest device, you could easily change more riding postures.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Smart-fit seat adjustment
With the sliding rail design, you easily adjust the seat horizontally and vertically with the knob.

Comfortable leather saddle
Heat and perspiration can dissipate through the groove of the saddle, greatly improving comfort.



BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Casting iron flywheel
Center balanced 15kg flywheel maintains excellent symmetry and momentum during cycling. The casting treatment enhance the durability and prevent corrosion.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Multi-layer painting
The frame is applied with automobile painting technology to finish the surface. It applies the primer paint directly to the metal and finishing techniques on the overcoat.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Front fork stems structure
The front place of the fork stems design provides a stronger rigidity of the structure. Have perfect support to the press by users. It offers more stable and smoother riding experience.

BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
New crank set design
Totally new crank set design combined with heavy duty bearings allows the cycling movement to be smooth and enhance the durability.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Hi-tech friction pad
The fabric component material can resist high temperature caused by friction and provides ultra durability.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Ultra strong BB and axles
The rigid bottom bracket features well thermal protection and high reliability, and ensures greater torsion stiffness and cycling efficiency.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Safety chain cover
The full chain cover de gn with lightweight material enti rely p roteithe transmission system from sweat and dust. It also prevent from being clipped by the chain to ensure your safety.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Anti-sweat Console
Displaying time, distance, calories, speed and RPM, it helps you to track the workout progress efficiently.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Big transportation wheels
The built-in transportation wheels in the front allow users to move easily.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Water bottle holder
Get some water from the essential bottle holder whenever you need.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Tig pulse welding
BH applies computer pulse tig welding for smooth even fish scalloped surfaces that enhances the strength of the frame.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
High quality bicycle-class pedal
It allows users to fasten feet easily and protect users from injury. Also, the tying bands make riders feeling comfortable and prevent any slip.
BH H915A SB1 indoorbike
Flywheel weight: 15kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 108x55x129 (cm)
Resistance levels: Continuous
Weight: 38.5KG
Data readout: Distance, Time, Speed, Calories, RPM
Made in Taiwan
*The accessory-XKIT/XSPIN is optional. You can download all kinds of fitness Apps by the portable device and enjoy an amazing indoor fitness experience.

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

BH Video
Nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.

BH Video

The headquarters of BH group is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.

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