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Vibroboost Vibration plate YV30


How does YV30 work?

The vibrations cause the muscles in your body to contract involuntarily.
Your body's response to vibratory stimulation produces various benefits for your health.
The stimulating effect of the vibration is produced in three different planes, meaning that it work all muscle groups, not only those aligned longitudinally, achieving greater progress.


Being fit was never easier!

1. Only 30 minutes in 1 week
Only 3 times per week with 12 minute exercise sessions.

2. COMPATIBLE with other sporting activities
Exercise on vibration platforms is not meant to replace other sport, health or beauty treatments, it boosts the effects of positive results.

3. Suitable for EVERYBODY
Regardless of age or physical condition, it's ideal for sedentary people, or those who do not fancy or have time to exercise regularly.


What can YV30 do?

You can do 3 types of exercise with the platform:
1. Toning (strength)
2. Stretching
3. Relaxation.
The YV30 vibroBoost basically enhances the condition/position of the muscles in your body (tension, if you're toning or stretching) or relaxation (if you are relaxing)



Strengthen bone density
Improve power and force development
Increase body endurance
Redistribution of body fat
Beneficial for body balance and mobility
Be helpful to achieve a sustained long-term weight loss
Increase oxygen uptake
Improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength
Increases in skin blood flow
Increase circulation with healthy microcirculation
Full body massage to relax, reduce work stress
Build body shape


BH Vibroboots Technology
Geometric design of human engineering
High stability cushion device of transmission
Professional multi-angle handle design
High-tech glass fiber material
Large seven-segment display
Easy button operation
With European CE and EMC certification

Vibroboots exercise V.S. Cardiovascular workouts
By way of a guideline, we can state that 10 minutes exercise on the vibroboots is equivalent to a traditional cardiovascular workout.
30hertz=30 oscillations per second
1minute (60sec.) on the platform =1,800 steps (30hz/sx60s=1,800hz).
If each step is, say,60cm.,this means that in 60s:
1,800x60cm=1 km.
1km in 1minute!


Motor:AC motor 200W * 2
Power Voltage:220V
Vibration plate Material :Glass fiber
Vibration Mode:3D Vibration
LCD monitor:Red, 7 color section appear
Freqency:30,35,40 and 45Hz
Intensity :H/L 2 levels
Time setting:30,45,60 and 90 Sec.
Dimension (LxWxH):70x70x140cm
Max. loading:180kgs
BH YV30 Vibration plate - Vibroboost Video
BH Company Profile
The headquarters of BH group is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.


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